Seal the Deal for Comfort and Energy Savings

Posted: February 24, 2016

Duct Work Sales - Aeroseal

Introductory offer for our new Aeroseal service!

Did you know that up to 40% of heated or cooled air in a typical home can get lost through the ductwork?* That’s like having money fly out the window!

Wilson Oil and Propane can help you correct this problem, which will significantly reduce your energy bills while improving your comfort.

To give you the best results, we now use Aeroseal to repair leaky ducts from the inside. An award-winning breakthrough technology uses high pressure to send this nontoxic aerosol sealant throughout your duct system. It’s a safe, long-lasting treatment, and there’s no need to open up walls to access your ducts.

Watch the AeroSeal Video to Learn More

The result: improved comfort levels in every room of your home, lower energy costs and cleaner indoor air. From now through June 30th, save 10% on our AeroSeal Service! Contact us if you would like us to evaluate your ducts for leakage and to learn more how the Aeroseal process works.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy.