Meet Stephanie Saddington

Posted: February 24, 2016

Stephanie Saddington

Many of you may already know Stephanie Saddington—or at least recognize her voice. Stephanie joined our team of friendly customer service representatives in September and really hit the ground running.

“I’ve worked in customer service before and I was excited to join Wilson Oil and Propane because it was a perfect fit for me.”

Stephanie says she enjoys working with a team of professionals who are focused on providing the best service possible to customers.

“My goal is to always end a conversation on a happy note,” she says. “This is an interesting job because you can never predict what’s going to happen from day to day, especially when the weather gets bad. When that happens, you really have to be calm and organized because the phone never seems to stop ringing with requests for service.”

Away from work, Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities like hunting and camping. She also makes regular treks to visit her brother, who owns a 20-acre apple and peach orchard in Bucks County.