Enjoy Permanent Savings with Aeroseal

Posted: July 18, 2016

Aeroseal logo

Wilson Oil and Propane is an authorized Aeroseal dealer. This award-winning duct-sealing technology is considered to be the premier method available today!

Sealing your ductwork can save up to 30% on your energy bills. We’ve sealed leaks that were the equivalent of a 28-inchsquare hole and reduced duct leakage by as much as 97%!

The Aeroseal process, which is completely nontoxic, usually takes less than one day to complete and provides you with a “Certificate of Completion” that illustrates the before and after results.

Get your Aeroseal service done and save $200.

If you are interested in making your home more comfortable, providing a healthier environment for your family or permanently saving money on your energy bills, please complete the Comfort Survey here and submit it to us. Be sure to read the case studies on there as well.