What’s Your Plan to Prevent Problems, Save Money and Stay Cool?

Posted: May 18, 2015

A/C service plan savings

If you have a Wilson heating service plan, you can add cooling coverage at a discounted price. Contact us for details.

Nothing is worse than a broken air conditioning system on a hot summer day! It can take days or even weeks to get a repair. That is, if you can even find someone to return your frantic calls.

We have a better idea. Enroll in our Premium Air Conditioning service agreement and you’ll feel better right away. We’ll make sure your cooling system stays in great shape for summer and help you avoid the hassle of a breakdown on the hottest day.

How can we be so sure? Consider this: a recent study showed that in any given year, one out of every three homeowners experience a breakdown of their heating or cooling system. The rate of emergency breakdowns among homeowners without a service agreement was a whopping 40%, compared to only 14% for those with a service agreement.

Here’s what your service coverage includes:

  • Preseason tune-up. Our annual maintenance can increase efficiency, cut electric bills and prevent breakdowns before they happen.
  • Guaranteed priority service. We’ll get to you fast because service plan customers get priority.
  • FREE parts and labor on virtually any a/c repair, with no overtime charges.
  • Technical expertise. Our certified technicians have the skills and experience to work on all makes and models of air conditioning systems. They’ll fix it right the first time!

Contact us today or call 888-607-2621 for more information or to request enrollment. Go here to read more about our full range of plans, including coverage for propane, natural gas and heating oil systems.