We Have a Winner!

Posted: February 20, 2015

Ugliest System contest winner, Loretta Quinn. Before and after shots of her boiler.

We removed this old heating system dating back to the 1920s and installed a new high-efficiency Buderus boiler.

Congratulations to Loretta Quinn of Lansdowne, Pa., a long-time customer and winner of our “Ugliest Heating System Contest.” Because her boiler was judged the “ugliest of the ugly,” Loretta won a new Buderus oil boiler. Last November, we installed her new boiler and removed the ugly old system—all for FREE.

“This is the best thing I ever won,” says Loretta, who has been our customer since the 1970s. “When I got the call telling me I had won the contest, it was hard to believe. I was completely amazed.”

Loretta says she has really noticed an increase in her home comfort level. “When the new boiler turns on, I get heat very quickly,” she says. “The old boiler always ran for such a long time before I felt any heat coming up. But that’s because it was so old I guess. I believe it’s as old as the house, which was built in the 1920s. It originally burned coal, but by the time I purchased the home in 1970, it had been converted to oil.”

Loretta says she hasn’t received enough oil deliveries yet to judge how much she will be saving on fuel, but she expects her savings to really pile up now that she is using a modern, clean-burning, high-efficiency oil heating system.

How about you? Is your old heating system an ugly one too? If so, you’re probably spending more than necessary to keep your home comfortable. Talk to us. We can show you how a new efficient system can reduce your heating by as much as 30%–and keep you comfortable like Loretta.

You may not have won this contest, but you could be winning every month of the year with lower heating bills. Call or email us today to learn more. If you would like to research your options in new equipment, click here.