Tune It Up Before You Turn It On!

Posted: May 18, 2015

Get a $30 discount when you book your air conditioning tune-up before June 15. You’ll pay our special preseason price of just $89.95.

Beat the rush! Schedule your air conditioning system tune-up early, and you’ll have your choice of appointment times. You’ll be cool and comfortable when the first hot day arrives. You will also get our best price of the season if you schedule your tune-up before June 15.

Our comprehensive tune-up service ensures that your equipment is clean, lubricated and running at peak efficiency. Our technicians will be able to spot and fix small problems and signs of wear to help you avoid breakdowns in the middle of a heat wave.

Your tune-up pays for itself with the money you save on energy! When your equipment is well maintained, it performs better, keeping your home cool and comfortable more efficiently and for less money. Call 888-607-2621 or email us to see if you can determine the problem.

Note: If you start up your system and your a/c system is not working properly, please visit our troubleshooting guide to see if you can determine the problem.