Good News for Oil, Bad News for Natural Gas

Posted: August 20, 2015

The one silver lining during last winter’s record cold and snowfall turned out to be heating oil prices, which reached their lowest point in six years. Looking ahead, there is optimism for long-term price stability. Technology has also brought us historic levels of production and heating fuel that burns cleaner than ever before.

Meanwhile, there are big concerns that natural pipelines might not be able to distribute enough fuel when temperatures enter the frigid zone. There are also thousands of miles of old pipelines in the country that won’t be replaced for decades because of the high expense: it can cost $1 million per mile, or more, to replace aging and often leaky pipes; these costs are typically passed to customers.

These emerging trends mean that switching from oil to natural gas now could very well turn out to be a bad decision.

What about switching from oil to propane?

This is a better option than changing your oil heating system to natural gas. If you already use propane in your home (cooking, fireplace, etc.), talk with us about the benefits of switching to a propane heating system. We have already converted many oil heating systems to propane, so we’re well versed in the process. For most propane appliances, hookup to the fuel lines is a simple procedure and less expensive than a connection to a natural gas line.

We understand the latest propane technology, charge reasonable rates and guarantee our work. Perhaps most important, when the job is done, you can count on us to maintain your propane equipment and ensure everything operates safely and efficiently.