Propane Autogas Saves Landscapers Thousands of Dollars

Posted: June 4, 2014

Propane Autogas Lawn Mower

Converting a fleet of lawn mowers to run on Propane Autogas instead of gasoline can save businesses 30% to 50% on fuel costs.

Wilson Oil and Propane is working with Burkholder Brothers Landscaping in Aston and Excel Landscaping in Prospect Park to make the switch, converting their mowers to run on clean, efficient Propane Autogas. Both companies have taken advantage of a $5,000 grant from the Propane Education and Research Council, and we are setting them up with storage tanks for their Propane Autogas deliveries.

“We expect to save about $7,000 per year in fuel costs. The conversion should pay for itself in just 18 months,” says Brian Lawler, Burkholder’s Operations Manager. “Wilson has been great to work with — they helped facilitate a smooth conversion to Propane Autogas.

“We’re one of the first companies in the region to make the conversion,” says Lawler. “In addition to the savings, the green aspect is a great selling point with our customers.”

Excel Landscaping recently purchased five new propane mowers. “We’ve had a long-term business relationship with Wilson Oil & Propane, and that’s why we trusted them to do the conversion for us,” says Buddy Caton, owner of Excel Landscaping. “We’ll probably save $20 on fuel per mower every day now. Those savings are really going to add up.”

If you’re interested in converting your commercial lawn mowers to Propane Autogas, and use our online calculator to see how much your business can save!

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Excel Landscaping: 610-586-2306